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chairman shen of our foundation was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the “tread lightly & cultivate deeply – green community lifestyle festival” and subsequent green community lifestyle events. president fenghao liu of the fha presented a certificate of gratitude to taya electric wire & cable group.

fha was a participant in the 2nd green inside contest; they won an award in the rainwater reclamation topic of the “coexistence with rivers” theme. currently, the organization is committed to protecting taiwan’s indigenous fauna and historical settlements.


this series of events are coordinated by green landscape co., ltd., who assisted taipei city urban regeneration office to promote the “community participation in public open spaces”, and had subsequently introduced the lifestyle space creation initiative, “tread lightly & cultivate deeply – green community lifestyle festival.” in addition to community participation in place making, it had initiated and successfully completed series of activities in community corners in jinan park of daan district (lane 203, section 2, jinshan south road) on december 23, 2012. our foundation introduced the “pristine homeland” initiative for the third year out of our passion for the environment and humanistic culture. participating units recorded the preparation processes and results of all events in this initiative, and summarized them in written form to express their respect to all their colleagues in taya. we hope that this information can continue to accumulate, and that this event can be continuously promoted through the joint diligence between our diverse community groups.

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