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on november 27, chunghwa telecom held its "3rd csr supplier conference" to commend suppliers that exhibited outstanding csr performance. ta ya group's long-term commitment to csr issues not only earned its status as one of the outstanding csr suppliers, but was invited to share on stage its green ideals and practices as well.

president shih mu-piao of chunghwa telecom said in his speech that integrity is the foundation to business success, and chunghwa telecom will be commending outstanding csr suppliers in every subsequent "csr supplier conference" to encourage progressive competition among suppliers. a total of seven companies had won the title this year. vice president zhuang bogui of ta ya's telecommunications business group was applauded when he received the award from president shih on behalf of the company.

next, vice president zhuang was invited on stage to share with the audience on ta ya's green ideals and practices. vice president zhuang first introduced the audience to ta ya's relationship with chunghwa telecom, and emphasized ta ya's corporate vision of: becoming the most trusted company in taiwan's cable industry by 2015. this was the commitment that motivated the company to take actions towards environmental friendliness, workplace health and safety, green product, talent training, and charity. the audience was especially impressed with ta ya's introductory short film on power safety volunteers shown during the conference.

lastly, vice president zhuang invited all participants to post their "likes" on greeninside blog and fb fanpage, and welcomed everyone to exchange green ideals and practices with ta ya via the internet.