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on september 29, 2012, green inside foundation held its "delonix regia forum" at tainan city ncku magic school of green technologies, where representatives from the academia, businesses, environmental organizations, and educational institutions were invited to participate. the "2012 delonix regia forum" focused on environment-friendly actions and the southern spirit. it aimed to fulfill the promise of green living by relating human culture to the natural environment, and for which it invited professionals from various fields of expertise to propose environment-friendly actions.

tainan city mayor lai ching-te was personally present at this event. mayor lai said in his speech: the southern spirit represents a distinctive perspective and vision. decades ago, yoichi hatsuda designed taiwan's first natural reservoir - wusanto that contributed to the fertility of chianan plain. through the "2012 delonix regia forum," we shall restore the southern spirit and introduce environment-friendly actions to the realization of our pristine homeland.

chairman shen shen shang-hung of green inside foundation thanked visitors' participation in this forum. he said: tomorrow (9/30) is the mid-autumn festival, and i am privileged to spend the eve with people who care for the environment. green inside exists to realize the visions of our forerunners, and we shall rally everyone around us to inspire creativity that will contribute to our sustainable lifestyle. we offer rich rewards to sponsor the realization of green creativity in our daily life.

for this forum, chairman he-chen tan of taiwan ecological engineering development foundation and professor lin hsien-te from ncku department of architecture were invited to share with the audience on how the southern spirit, in particular respect to human culture and natural environment, has already been reflected on chianan plain, and how the foresight of people decades ago have made the land fertile for generations. next, professor wang chin-shou from tsing hua university spoke on stage about the "people's power plant" (ppp) movement. currently, the japanese people are contributing the amount of electricity expenses they save each month to build people's power plants that are run by the people. wang chin-shou said that he is looking for 10 communities or buildings that have the intent to adopt the ppp movement, and will help arrange civil organizations to assist volunteers in generating power. in response to professor wang's speech, professor chang tzu-chao from ntnu graduate institute of environmental education added that the mission of green inside foundation is to take actions now for the sustainability of the future.

at the end of the forum, ta ya volunteers xu jingyao and zhang kaiqi took participants to a tour through ncku magic school of green technologies. the magic school of green technologies was built with affordable, natural and local technologies and materials that makes it one of the most energy-saving architectures in the world. after hearing the volunteers' explanations, the participants realized that they were actually standing inside an exemplary green architecture in all of the subtropical zone.

in the afternoon session, green inside foundation invited principal lin chaocheng of tainan community university and principal wu maocheng of taijiang campus to lead forum participants to a cycling tour near taijiang park. they traveled along the old taijian trail from haiweichao temple all the way to shierdian banyan tree, passing by several historical sites along the 10km ride. this cycling tour had truly been a "lohas and energy-saving" activity that fits the new green lifestyle. green inside foundation considered the day's event to be a good reflection of the southern spirit. before we begin protecting our environment, we must first learn the true nature of the land we live on. only then may we truly appreciate its value and propose the right actions to protect our environment.

source: economic daily news