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taya electric cable is needed to protect the earth. to consolidate taya’s brand, enhance cooperation with electromechanical engineers, and promote taya’s environmental leadfree electric wires and cables, taya held the introduction and inspection seminar for electric cable and communication optical fibers” with cooperation from the professional electrical engineer guild of republic of china on april 17.

the seminar was held in the conference room of taya’s guanmiao plant. president mingde chen of taya’s telecommunications group delivered the welcome address on behalf of the group to thank the electrical engineer guild’s president jichuan peng and director yuming yang of the southern office, as well as 34 professional electrical engineers for attending the event and sharing their knowledge.

the seminar not only introduced taya group’s green business principles, electric wires and cables, and optical cables, but also focused on many years of experience from electrical engineers regarding inspection and reception of the quality of taya’s products, as a way of demonstrating to engineers taya’s commitment for “insistence for refinement and improvement” when it comes to product quality.

engineers were simultaneously invited to tour the facility, with taya employees explaining the manufacturing and quality control processes for our products. taya’s performance and commitment for the manufacturing processes were sincerely demonstrated under the meticulous and professional examination of the engineers. after the seminar, the engineers gained a deeper understanding of taya’s efforts over environmental products and quality control, as well as more confidence for taya’s product quality.