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in the early periods of taiwan's industrial development, most factories used asbestos for rooftop tile. however, asbestos has the tendency to degrade into dust over time and cause harm to employees' respiratory duct. in view of this hazard, ta ya spent nt$9.2 million to replace all rooftop cover with galvanized steel, thereby protecting the environment and employees' health.

asbestos used to be a common rooftop material in early factories due to its fire-resistance, heat insulation, acidity/alkali-resistant, and sun-blocking characteristics. however, studies have shown asbestos fiber to be harmful to human health, and the environmental protection administration had even identified asbestos as controlled substance and limited its production since 2008. because of the potential hazards involved, ta ya had specifically instructed its contractors to comply with law and ensure proper disposal of asbestos waste during the rooftop renovation.

after replacing the rooftop with galvanized steel, employees felt no stuffiness as the factory's spacious and heightened design facilitates ventilation. the factory interior appeared brighter as well, and employees were less dependent upon artificial lighting to perform their works. this improvement not only contributed to the reduction of energy and carbon, but also provided employees with a safe and healthy work environment. it represents another one of ta ya's "green inside" achievements.