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cuprime material co., ltd. and cugreen metal tech. co., ltd., both of which are members of ta ya group, made their first joint exhibition at the 13th tpca show held between the 24th and 26th this month (october)

venue: taipei nangang exhibition center - material section - booth no.: k008.

products showcased in this exhibition were primarily phosphorus copper ball, copper oxide, and single crystal copper wire. they are mostly used in applications such as high-end speaker cable, high-end electronics, communication, and networking. single crystal copper wires, due to their lack of grain boundary, offer superior performance and had attracted the attention of many local renowned pcb manufacturers including compeq, gce, career, and unimicron as well as manufacturers from japan, korea and china.

both companies will continue their existing business model and strive to build relationship with potential customers.the group's greeninside display had also been a refreshing sight to visitors, as many people stopped by and took photos in front of it. customers were generally appreciative of how the two companies had designed their display in a way that conveyed environmental protection ideas and the greenness of their products.