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despite the rain, it was a big day last saturday (june 9) for all ta ya folks. the ta ya pristine homeland foundation cooperated with the environmental protection bureau of the tainan city government to organize the environmental protection, low carbon children folk game festival in tainan. this was the first activity that the foundation organized in taiwan


shanghung shen, the chairman of ta ya electric wire & cable co., made his debut at the festival. huangzhen zhang, director of the environmental protection bureau of the tainan city government, shangbang shen, vice chairman of ta ya, and chairman shen starred in the “fairy tales theater of environmental protection”. chairman shen and director zhang played the roles of the prince and princess, respectively. the fairy world onstage not only attracted the eyes of children, but marveled ta ya folks as well.


qingde lai, the mayor of tainan city, came to the activity and encouraged citizens to live a “low carbon” life by saving energy, water, fuel and gas. the “foursaving” activity can reduce daily expenses, minimize the consumption of the limited resources of the earth, and ensure the sustainable development of the environment, the mayor said. chairman shen then granted the small trophy of “environmental protection warrior" to mayor lai, and hoped that the vision to be a lowcarbon city will be realized soon in tainan with the joint efforts of the city government, local enterprises, and communities.


in addition to the marvelous shows, there were many stands offering games, diy activities, exchange of secondhand toys, lots drawing for gifts and giveaways for correctly answering questions. many parents took their children to participate in the festival and had a lot of fun with the activities

the day of the festival was the first time the members of ta ya volunteer teams came together. more than 30 volunteers wearing special vests served children there. many volunteers have children and it was very meaningful for them to share environmental protection ideas with other children and make contributions to the environment with them. they hope to work with the foundation, serve the community, and protect the environment continuously to realize the social vision of ta ya in the maintenance of a pristine homeland on a sustainable development basis.


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