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ta ya electric wire and cable co., ltd. issued its "2011 corporate social responsibility" on august 21. this report has been prepared in accordance with global reporting initiative guidelines 3.1 (g3.1) to provide a complete and balanced disclosure of economic, environmental and social information. the report content has been validated by an independent third party - sgs-taiwan. this was also the first corporate social responsibility report issued by a taiwanese cable manufacturer.

for more than half a century, ta ya has always aimed to establish itself as a model corporate citizen in taiwan. in order to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of ta ya's efforts and performance with respect to corporate governance, environmental protection, and charity, ta ya has adopted the world's mainstream guidelines developed by global reporting initiative (gri), version 3.1, to disclose the above information. meanwhile, to enhance transparency and credibility of the reported information, ta ya has engaged an independent third party - sgs-taiwan to validate this report and confirm its conformity with g3.1 application level b+.

this report also demonstrates ta ya's ambition to implement the green inside concept throughout the organization, including:

  1. being the first cable manufacturer to invest in the development of lead-free and halogen-free green wire, for which it won the "green classics award" from the bureau of foreign trade, ministry of economic affairs. 
  2. encouraging employees to participate in corporate volunteer work, and assembling a power safety volunteer team to serve community residents and help them avoid electricity hazards.
  3. organizing the "green inside project" that facilitates progressive competition and offers tangible (cash) and intangible (knowledge exchange) support for all kinds of green concepts and ideas. 
  4. establishing the "green inside" foundation that commits to environmental-friendly actions and long-term environmental education. ta ya will be preparing corporate social responsibility reports on a yearly basis, and use them as a means to communicate with stakeholders. by listening to stakeholders' voice and incorporating corporate social responsibility into business strategies, ta ya shall take progressive steps toward accomplishing its mission of enlightened employees, satisfied customers, positive shareholders, and pristine homeland, and become the most trusted cable manufacturer by 2015.