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after achieving success with last year's (2011) tainan green technology industry expo, tainan city government once again coordinated with commercial times to organize "2012 tainan green technology industry expo," this time on a larger scale with low-carbon themes.

for many years, ta ya has devoted significant effort to the development of environment-friendly products, and for which it is gradually earning the respect of the public. ta ya's green wire is a good example of green innovation in taiwan's cable industry, receiving type i eco label from the environmental protection administration when it was first launched in 2008. made with halogen-free plastics, it features high flame retardance, produces very little smoke when burnt, and generates no hazardous substance such as dioxin and haloid acid. the green wire is a true reflection of ta ya's attention to environmental issues and corporate social responsibilities, using its expertise as a cable manufacturer. in 2011, ta ya's green wire won the "green product award" during the "1st green classics award" organized by the ministry of economic affairs. the purpose of ta ya's participation this year is to give the public a better understanding of the diversity and professional aspects of the green energy industry.

exhibition date: november 16~19

venue: commercial exhibition center tainan no. 77, yilin road, rende district, tainan city (booth: no, 9, green citizens' action alliance section) the exhibition features a lucky draw with more than nt$300,000 worth of prizes (including electric bicycle, foldable bicycle, resort vouchers etc.) to be won each day.

ta ya electric wire and cable welcomes your visit.

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