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the new green architecture rules are scheduled to be implemented in july this year (2012). under the new rules, new buildings must use at least 45% of green building materials indoor, and 10% of green building materials outdoor. this year's taipei building show featured a green architecture section, where ta ya had decorated its exhibition space to present its green wires as nerves of a green building.

the 24th "taipei building show" was held between the 13th and 16th of december at taipei world trade center. this year's exhibition featured the theme of "smart building and ecological city," and a dedicated green architecture section to attract professionals such as architects and designers. amidst the crowd of air conditioner and coating material suppliers gathered at the exhibition, ta ya's green wires stood out naturally from others. show presenters took this opportunity to explain to visitors the necessity of green wires.

vice president lu te-tsung of ta ya's telecommunication business group visited the exhibition in the morning of the 14th. he said: "a building needs to be green not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. we shall continue to communicate with the public about the importance of using green wires for green architecture." meanwhile, he hoped for green wire sales to rise under the new green architecture rules.

ta ya's green wire represents a model innovation in taiwan's cable industry, for which it received type 1 eco label in the year it was launched (2008) and later won the "green product award" during the "1st green classics award" organized by the ministry of economic affairs in 2011. furthermore, ta ya showcased several variety of low-smoke zero toxicity cables and lead-free pvc cables to satisfy different construction needs.