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kpca show 2012 was held in kintex, south korea, from the 15 may to 17 may. ta yan metal technology co., ltd. participated in the show for the first time and to promote its copper oxide, copper carbonate, and copper sulfate used by pcb companies to produce electroplated wires. the premium quality attracted the technical and purchasing personnel of many companies.

the development of the pcb industry in taiwan and korea is very similar. thanks to the prosperous development of cellular phones and the computer, communication, and consumerelectronic industries, korea has become one of the most important areas in the world and has a huge demand for highend pcb electroplating material.

competition of the copper powder market is fiercer than ever. however, most manufacturers use recycled material in the process and, thus, cannot meet the quality requirements of production. the advanced process and excellent quality of ta yan attracted the notice visitors at the show, especially companies which strictly control the quality of highend pcb copper powder.

many participants were interested in the products and future development of ta yan and looked forward to the opportunity for cooperation with ta yan to improve technology and make contributions to the market in korean.

to respond to the demand of pcb manufacturers for the improvement of technology and quality, ta yan will use advanced energysaving and environmentfriendly technology to manufacture quality products and create sustainable value together with pcb manufacturers around the world.