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the 2012 suzhou pcb/smt show was held from may 9 to may 11 in the suzhou international expo center. cuprime material co., ltd. participated in the show for the first time and marketed raw materials such as the phosphor copper ball, copper oxide, copper carbonate, and copper sulfate, required for the production of electroplated wires. the premium quality attracted the technical and purchasing personnel of many companies.

pcb production value in china was nt$ 25.46 billion in 2011, occupying more than 40% of global pcb production value, said zheng xiong chen, president of the taiwan printed circuit association (tpca). cuprime material arranged a unique stand in the show with the green inside group as the core coupled with copper ball, copper powder, and other major products of the company.

east china is an important pcb area for the world. though the competition is fierce in the copper ball market, most of the manufacturers are seeking cheaper copper resources for their products. in contrast, the advanced process and premium quality of cuprime material especially attracted the notice of visitors.

pcb manufacturers are facing the increasingly demanding requirements of environmental regulations. regarding this, cuprime material makes quality products through advanced energysaving processes and creates sustainable value together with pcb manufacturers.