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       to join the development of global environmental sustainability, environmental protection has become an imperative. the taya pristine homeland foundation, which has been paying close attention to ecological protection and environmental issues, voluntarily launches monthly corporate volunteer activities. with "be concerned about the environment and create a friendly beautiful life" as its core, the foundation invites taya employees as well as their family members to join the educational entertainments that promote the importance of environmental protection.
       according to the statistics, 37 tons of marine debris in total was collected from the whole coastline of taiwan via coastal cleanups in 2019, nearly 70% of it discovered to be related to the human diet, including plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, plastic bags, etc. coastal cleanups and ocean cleanups aren't the only thing we can do for the ocean; we should further start from the headwaters. thus, instead of coastal cleanups or mountain cleanups, taya northern region family day had "river cleanup" as the topic this year in the hope of taking action to reduce marine debris from the river source.
       this year, the northern region family day took place at huajiang riverside park, new taipei city in the morning on saturday, november 21, with 150 participants in total, including the employees from the northern region and their family members. as riverside parks in the taipei metropolitan area are ideal places for people to relax and exercise and are therefore closely connected to human life, the environmental pollution problems which the marine debris from the riverside has resulted in are of great seriousness. under the leadership of the chairman of the foundation, mr. shen, shang-hung, the participants collected debris from the river via teamwork.
       with the participants' effort, 77.4 kg of recyclable trash and 194 kg of non-recyclable trash in total was collected during this river cleanup. the top three types of trash collected were cigarette butts, plastic bottles and food packaging, which corresponded to the statistics of marine debris composition according to the annual records of the taiwan international coastal cleanup (icc). in addition, the total weight of recyclable and non-recyclable trash was 56.1 kg heavier than that of the coastal cleanup of the 2019 taya northern region family day. these have indicated that the rubbish discarded into the river is one of the main causes for marine debris, highlighting the significance of river cleanups.



       furthermore, we invited chang-ying he from the “wetland zhenshui volunteer group” of new taipei city to talk on the evolution of rivers and ocean as the topic and the issues of marine environmental protection. as our employees and their families learned more about how important environmental protection and education is, this activity became even more meaningful.



       we also cooperated with the tzu chi foundation this time in order to know more about the importance of recycling. our participants were brought to tzu chi's recycling education station in the sanchong district to learn how to put environmental protection concepts into practice. it is hoped that all of us can reduce waste as well as plastic use and re-use materials in our daily life for ocean sustainability and our beautiful land. during this part, participants were shown how the common lcd screen cartons are recycled. it might seem simple, yet every step, including cleaning, disassembling and recycling, has its own importance. the carton should be disassembled, the styrofoam inside should be considered as non-recyclable trash and the tape on the foam must be completely removed before being re-used and so on - all of these require a great deal of time and effort to recycle thoroughly. via this activity, taya folks with kids also got an opportunity to implement environmental protection avtion with their kids and educate them on the significance of reducing waste and recycling.


       at last, mr. shen, shang-hung, chairman of the taya pristine homeland foundation, encouraged: "everyone is the best in today's river cleanup. it has been 65 years since the taya group was founded, but for the earth, taya is just a tiny, transient existence. living on this sole earth, we should protect it unconditionally, and coastal cleanups, mountain cleanups or river cleanups are part of the ways to protect our environment. no matter what difficulties await us, we must continuously sow the seeds of sustainable living and cultivate the seeds in the present and the future. this is a mission that admits no delay. it is also hoped that taya can keep promoting such a meaningful activity and advancing the corporate social responsibility, contributing to the environmental protection for the earth."