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        this activity was conducted in two occasions on june 5 and july 5, the southern region health service center representative nurse lin, mei-chun and experts and scholars: dr. chen, chao-lin, occupational medicine of kaohsiung veterans general hospital, and chairperson wang, tzu-ting led 6 doctors and 4 nurses to visit taya group tainan headquarters to exchange ideas on occupational safety and health and corporate health management.
       the southern region health service center recommended taya group tainan headquarter as the internship venue for the "2019 annual labor health service medical personnel practice exchange and onsite service internship workshop". the purpose of this communication activity is to enable medical professionals to visit the operating organization’s environmental hazards through field visits and propose measures of prevention or management.

       on the day of the internship, the factory director mr. huang, ming-chin and the safety and health office section chief mr. hsu, chen-hsiung of energy & telecom. cable business group first delivered the speech, then conducted the briefings sharing; followed up visited the energy & telecom. material mixing plants, magnet wire second section, wire drawing section and other manufacturing process and related sites focusing on the areas where employees are exposed to noise, powder dust, and organic solvents.
       through this exchange, taya group demonstrated the concept of occupational safety and health and the intention of health management, of which including: risk assessment and improvement of employees' work, organization of regular employee travel, community activities, blood pressure measurement, health forums, etc., to provide employees with a zero-risk workplace and a healthy and lively workplace environment with multivariate health promotion activities to achieve the goal of corporation sustainable operations.