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        ta ya electric wire and cable (twse: 1609) held the annual general meeting (agm) of shareholders on june 12, 2019 at the headquarters in guanmiao, tainan. growth was seen in both revenue and earnings in 2018, surpassing the group’s expectations.
       for revenue, the 2018 net revenue was nt$18.5 billion, n$1.8 billion more than that of 2017. the 2018 net income was nt$470 million with an eps of nt$0.83.
       in his address, chairman shen, shang-hung explained the group’s operating strategy in four points: (1) strengthening core business competitiveness and product r&d, and enhancing resources use efficiency by setting up countermeasures; (2) increasing the fixed income platforms of solar energy: although about 80% of investments are raised from the bank and solar energy is a high-leverage investment, operational risks including revenue, exchange rate, completion and bad debts were comparatively lower. in addition, this allows the creation of fixed income; (3) cultivating new business: by constantly seeking new business opportunities, such as biochemical, electronics, it and so on through venture capital companies, we can find the future direction of investments; (4) maintaining healthy finances: through earnings distribution, we can secure the sufficient capital for dealing with future development needs and arrive at good risk control to face the changes that can be brought about by future uncertainties.
       despite a range of uncertainties in 2018, thanks to hedging futures of stock copper, we minimized the unfavorable factors from the fall of the copper price. in the us-china trade war, the sales of two plants (dongguang and kunshan) in china were affected by clients. facing the uncertainty of china’s policy in the future, we can lower risks with taya vietnam.


photo: chairman in an address.


photo: chairman shen, shang-hung shakes hands with an investor.


photo: finance manager hung answers investor’s question.



photo: registration desk