visit : 263


         the rotary club in tainan west visited taya electric wire & cable hq in tainan city on december 25. the goal of this visit was to give these vip guests a better understanding of the efforts of the taya group in the field of green energy linkage
         the visit began with a welcome address by general manager wang, yen-huang of the taya business administration group. after that, mr. guo, vice director of the energy & telecom. cable business group introduced the business philosophy and scope of the group. this was followed by an in-depth description of taya product features, renewable energy sources, social engagement, and diversified business development by general manager chuang, pa-kuei. finally, factory personnel gave the visitors a tour of the taya factory premises.
         vice director guo pointed out that “taya is a local enterprise with a 63-year history. our philosophy can be summarized as follows: “continuous improvements, mutual benefits, pragmatism, and innovation & changes.” our goal is to turn into a leading brand in the field of energy linkage and we have been constantly committed to fulfillment of our corporate social responsibility and realization of sustainable development.”
         莊general manager chuang provided a detailed description of the company’s efforts and achievements in the fields of green product development, solar energy, and social engagement such as the phoenix blossom forum, the green inside contest, and the taya pristine homeland foundation volunteer team. the rotary club members were highly interested in the actual achievements of taya in the solar energy industry and eagerly asked questions.
         the company had prepared special gifts with unique local characteristics such as guanmiao noodles, pineapple cake, and extension cords produced by taya group to ensure that the visit was a rewarding experience for all guests.