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        the tainan family education center in tainan city has made a long-term commitment to the promotion of family education. its efforts are not confined to schools and communities. in 2018, it approached three private enterprises (taya group, bliksen group, and yulu group) for the organization of three “blissful enterprise family days”. family education is incorporated into internal training courses for corporate employees through public-private collaboration and utilization of available resources. the goal is to give employees who are seldomly exposed to family education a deeper understanding and awareness of the importance of families and thereby increase the sense of belonging and harmony between family members.
        taya group chairman shen, shang-hung states that taya actively implements csr and was honored with a taiwan corporate sustainability silver award in 2018. the taya pristine homeland foundation was established with environmental protection as the starting point. the company also strives to care for employee families, improve employee cohesion, increase the affection between parents and children, earn the approval of employee family members, and maximize the influence of the company in the three dimensions of environment, family, and society. the family day activities have generated extensive feedback. they also help realize csr and protection of the beauty and sustainability of the homeland.
        bliksen president li-fang zeng places very high emphasis on spiritual growth. in the past, the sheet metal industry was usually associated with stiffness and coldness. bliksen decided to cooperate with tainan family education center for the first time to help employees achieve work-life balance and enhance the affection between employee families. in addition to child-parent interactions and activities, factory tours are scheduled to give employee family members a better understanding of work environments and earn their support for the dedicated efforts and contributions to bliksen made by their loved ones. toward the end of the family day activity, ms. zeng shouted “bliksen, our family” in unison with all participants. employee care starts from the heart.
        on occasion of the third event, yulu group chairman guan-bin wang stated that his company is firmly committed to the development and cultivation of outstanding talent as well as the provision of comprehensive career development and learning opportunities. career development not only refers to job-related advancement but should also involve the family life of employees. yulu regards its employees as its most important asset and the main driving force for creativity and enhanced competitiveness. family days increase mutual affection and give employees and their families and opportunity to spend more time with each other. employee care also facilitates achievement of the concept of giving back to society.
        employees and their family members actively participated in these three family day events. activity contents were suitable for young and old. the “blissful enterprise family days” were heartwarming and joyful events because all three generations were present in the same setting. the goal of these family days was to recognize the efforts and contributions of all employees and show appreciation for the support of their family members. happy memories were created through parent-child activities.
       enterprises value the work performance and health of their employees. they also strive to enable employees to care for their families and their lives and maintain their physical and mental balance. family days with different themes are therefore organized on an annual basis. family day events which are meticulously planned by the tainan family education center create opportunities for interactions between colleagues and families away from the workplace through a large variety of relaxing and fun activities and courses including systematic lectures given by professional instructors, film appreciation, parent-child activities, guided reading of picture books, and board games. they also help build up rapport between employees, increase mutual affection, and improve parent-child relations. through participation in courses and activities, family members realize how wonderful their families are and are thereby inspired to put more effort into managing their families. family days bring out the positive energy of each family, provide new motivation for employees, and drive corporate performance improvements and reforms.
        what is worth mentioning is that parent-child activities are lead jointly by instructors carefully selected from the outstanding volunteer force of the center. their leadership and teaching abilities are greatly enhanced through professional training. leadership styles, skills, and activity design for educational courses conducted for every family day are characterized by professionalism and excellence, earning wide praise from all participants.
        corporate family days unlock happiness and solidarity. as family members realize the importance of family harmony, engage constantly in multidimensional learning, accumulate family education related competence and knowledge, and gain a better understanding of available resources, an extremely positive effect is generated on families and family life is likely to be warm and healthy. family harmony fills employees with joy and happiness and thereby enhances work efficiency. the tainan family education center therefore warmly welcomes corporate units to organize family education courses and activities in cooperation with the center with the goal of promoting family education and communicating relevant contents.
        ms. bing-ying zhang, director of the family education center states that education we receive in our lifetimes can be divided into the following three categories: family education, school education, and social education. family education is the main foundation. a good family education is conducive to personality development and affects individual performance in school and society.
        as people enter into marriages, the education provided by their original families has a great impact on their marriages, their interactions with their partners and children, and the way they handle different family and life issues. family education therefore greatly affects personal growth, social development, marriage management, and the upbringing of the next generation.
        in view of the above, the tainan family education center utilizes various creative methods to promote family education and encourages city residents to actively participate. the goal is to promote mutual love and care among family members and build warm, healthy, and harmonious families.