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    in november 2018, taya electric cable & wire implemented its wind power program upon passing of “energy creation” reviews carried out by the bureau of energy, ministry of economic affairs. an ocean area belonging to national taiwan ocean university was selected for the program as a test site. professors jian-hong chen and shiaw-yih tzang from ocean universities visited the site to discuss relevant details and accelerate implementation of the program.
    the offshore wind farm submarine cable development and on-site verification program proposed by taya electric cable & wire passed relevant reviews in november of this year. this program aims to utilize comprehensive on-site marine testing procedures planned in cooperation with a technical team of the industrial technology research institute to prove the durability and reliability of submarine cables and thereby assess their design life and enhance their economic value.
    energy transition and low-carbon sustainability issues have drawn wide attention in taiwan. taya ventured into the field of green energy in 2014 with the goal of turning into a leading brand in the field of energy linkage.