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        registration for on march 31, 2019 is now open.
       this event which is a feast of culinary and cultural highlights also integrates elements of the industries and culture of the guanmiao district. in addition to local gastronomic culture, runners will pass by the xinguang village paintings in the guanmiao district, caoshan moon world in the zuozhen district, erliao lookout, and the unparalleled country road no.168 on the way to “fortune” avenue.
       guanmiao, xinhua, and zuozhen districts, which are by no means tourist hotspots, are characterized by tranquility and a slow pace of life. local residents lead a life aloof from worldly success. as a local enterprise, taya group aims to introduce unique local characteristics to a wider audience and add a different note to these peaceful towns and villages through organization of this marathon event.
        event date: sunday, march 31, 2019, 6:00am – 3:00pm
        assembly point: taya electric wire & cable (tainan hq), no. 249, sec.2, zhongshan rd., guanmiao dist., tainan city
       for more details please refer to the official website: https://reurl.cc/pgv2l