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      myanmar international electrical, electronics & electric power equipment fair, which is organized by taiwan external trade development council, was held in yangon convention center (ycc) in yangon, myanmar, from september 27 to 30. taya (vietnam) has been participating in this fair since 2013 to promote the brand image centered around top-quality products. the fair not only guarantees the popularity of the brand among local manufacturers in yangon it also enables the company to expand its sales network to mandalay, a metropolis in central myanmar.
    myanmar international auto parts accessories & motor show and myanmar international electrical, electronics & electric power equipment fair (below referred to as the two myanmar fairs) have been organized for six consecutive years and attract 120 manufacturers from eight countries worldwide who help turn the fairs into grand events. visitor numbers also reach new highs. delegations of commercial associations in mawlamyine and mandalay visit the fairs to make purchases.
    myanmar is currently establishing a nationwide power grid which generates a rising demand for electrical and electronic equipment including electric wires and cables. taya (vietnam) has been eyeing the myanmar market since 2013 and attempts to expand business opportunities in the field of medium- and low-voltage wires and cables, magnet wires, and circuit breakers. through participation in the fairs, taya aims to strengthen the identification of local buyers with the company’s brand image centered around top quality. the efforts of the company are lauded by local and foreign-owned companies alike. the sales network has been expanded from yangon to mandalay in central taiwan.
    in contrast to most taiwanese companies which must pay full tariffs when importing products to myanmar, taya (vietnam) enjoys preferential tariffs when exporting from dong nai province to myanmar in the context of a regional economic alliance which increases the competitiveness of its products. taya (vietnam) is bound to benefit from the rapid economic development in myanmar expected for the upcoming years.