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proimages/news/coverage/2018/2018100901.jpg     taya has made a long-term commitment to fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. in an unprecedented move in the industry, the company submitted an application for a clean production certificate to the ministry of economic affairs. the application was approved this month 

    enhancement of spatial quality and environmental protection constitute a social responsibility of all manufacturers. taya plants are spacious, sufficiently lighted, and properly ventilated. the company places ultimate emphasis on environmental protection measures for its plants to provide a comfortable work environment for its operators. dedicated environmental sections and safety and health offices are in place to ensure implementation of environmental protection and labor safety.
    based on a deep concern for employee health and safety during production stages, taya acquired the iso 14001 environmental management system certification and ohsas18001/tohsms occupational health and safety management system certification in 2005 and 2009, respectively. an audit, verification, and certificate renewal process for three certifications was carried out by external accreditation bodies in november 2013. three certifications (iso 14001, ohsas18001, and cns 15506) were acquired to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, identification and assessment of potential hazards at the workplace, and thereby control of risks and prevention of disasters.
    in addition to the implementation of control processes to prevent impacts on ecosystems and environmental pollution caused by chemical substances, the company implements management from the source. taya and cuprime have acquired the iecq / qc 080000 certification in 2007 and 2008, respectively. green procurement strategies without hazardous substances and materials are adopted to ensure the health of operators and provide further guarantees for consumers.
    taya will not rest on its laurels after acquisition of the clean production certificate. in the future, the company will focus on the acquisition of green factory certifications and strengthening of internal environmental protection efforts to achieve the goal of zero waste and realize the vision of a “pristine homeland”.