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       istaging, a joint venture of taya venture capital and national development fund, utilizes the latest mixed reality (mr) technology to assist yung-ching realty group in the creation of “i+smart innovative experience center”, the first realtor service experience center of its kind in taiwan. this center provides consumers with brand-new experiences of smart lifestyles.
       on occasion of its 30th anniversary, the group decided to transform the yung-ching realty main store, which dates back to the early years of the company and is located on section 4, xinyi road, into “i+smart innovative experience center” , the first realtor service experience center of its kind in taiwan. it was personally unveiled by mr. qing-yu sun, chairman of yung-ching realty group on the 26th. mr. sun utilized this event of great historical significance to express his gratitude to consumers for their continued support.
       during the inauguration press conference. mr. johnny lee, president of istaging, personally introduced the main features of “i+smart innovative experience center” to all guests. the center utilizes the latest mixed reality (mr) technology. visitors are required to wear mr glasses to see a 3d image of xinyi district unfold in front of them and experience the surrounding living environment. “i+smart home purchase journey”, on the other hand, utilizes vr technology to enable consumers to explore their housing demands, search for and view real estate, adjust their demands after viewing, and purchase housing in a worry-free and smooth manner.
       mr. lee pointed out that consumers may also use their smartphones to experience living environments before mr glasses become widely available. he considers it a great honor to cooperate with yung-ching and is confident that the project will turn into a worldwide model for application of innovative mr technologies.

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