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       the 2017 taipei print circuit association show was held in taipei nangang exhibition hall from october 25 to 27, 2017. cuprime material co., ltd. and cugreen metal tech co., ltd., affiliates of taya group, jointly participated in this gala event. achievements of cuprime and cugreen in the field of copper source technologies are lauded by circuit board businesses. the two companies make steady progress toward the goal of securing the largest market share in taiwan.
       cuprime and cugreen are upstream copper source providers of circuit board manufacturers. in line with the development of hardware production processes and technologies by circuit board businesses, cuprime’s copper balls and cugreen’s metal plating grade copper oxide powder enjoy a rising popularity among large manufacturers in europe, japan, korea, and taiwan. in the morning of the 26th, taya chairman shen, shang-hung proceeded to the event venue to hold a pep talk for the personnel present at the booth and gain a better understanding of the current state of development of the industry. mr. shen stated that “the latest machinery purchases of large manufacturers indicate that the demand for copper balls will remain constant and copper powder will turn into the mainstream. the company aims to utilize this show to increase the visibility of cuprime and cugreen in the pcb industry to ensure that businesses which have a demand for copper sources (copper balls and copper oxide powder) equate the two brands with high product quality and strong r&d capabilities.
       the procurement and manufacturing personnel of dozens of cuprime and cugreen’s main clients including unimicron, kinsus, hannstar board, unitech, tpt, kuan xing shi, ibiden, and the korean company kg visited the booth, turning the show into a great success for the company. cuprime and cugreen are also firmly committed to achieving their goal of securing the largest market share.
       over 400 pcb brands and manufacturers showcased their products in over 1400 booths of the 18th taipei print circuit association show. tpca chairman yong-hui wu pointed out that the production value of taiwanese circuit boards is the highest in the world and that the industry continues to maintain an annual growth rate of 2% to 3%.