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        mr. chuang suo-hang, vice chairman for taiwan external trade development council (taitra), visited ta ya’s headquarter in guanmiao on the morning of august 3. both parties exchanged their views on issues such as the current state of industry developments in vietnam and the promotion of taiwan-vietnam interchanges.
       on the morning of august 3, taitra vice chairman mr. chuang suo-hang, along with taitra tainan office director ms. zhou xio-fang and two clerks, came to ta ya’s headquarter in guanmiao. the four of them were received jointly by ta ya group’s president mr. shen san-yi, executive vice president mr. shen shang-tao, business administration group general manager mr. wang yen-huang and assistant manager mr. chen chong-guang.
       vice president chuang first started by explaining the government’s new southbound policy that intends to shift from the previous unilateral practice of merely setting up oem production bases in asean and south asian countries to expanding exchanges and interchanges in the areas of talent recruitment, capital, technology, culture, education and so on with asean, south asian countries, new zealand, australia, and more. the purpose is to create a new mutually-beneficial collaboration model that creates win-win endeavors. ta ya has been investing in vietnam by setting up manufacturing plants with local operation for over 20 years. it is hoped that ta ya will also respond to the government’s new south-bound policy and promote further extensive interchange between taiwan and vietnam.
       president shen explained that besides developing plans to invest in other asean countries while basing in vietnam, ta ya also agreed that there is a need for further extensive interchanges. ta ya thus suggested that the government loosens and simplifies the red tape surrounding vietnamese employees applying for work in its other factories within the same group in taiwan. it is through the interchange of production technology and management experiences and the establishment of interpersonal relationships that talents from both countries can create a closer relationship.


picture: (from right to left) mr. chuang suo-hang, taitra’s vice chairman, mr. shen san-yi, ta ya’s president and mr. shen shang-tao, ta ya’s executive vice president