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       the 2017 taipei ampa was held on a grand scale in twtc exhibition 1, april 19 and 22. taiwan’s leading brand for magnet wires, ta ya wire and cable, has brought on display a wide range of magnet wires to be applied in high-performance, energy-efficient products, attracting the attention of many domestic and overseas companies.
       the taipei ampa as part of four joint exhibitions tends to attract many quality overseas buyers. the biggest highlight of this year is in the new energy and smart vehicles. motors used by new energy-powered vehicles, due to their increasingly higher-frequency and higher-temperature operating environments, demand more and more stringent standards on magnet wires. ta ya has so far and in different phases completed the following: inverter-fed driven motors wire, magnet-conducting enameled wire, thermal-dissipation enameled wire, polyester-imide enameled wire with a temperature resistance of up to 240℃, low-k dielectric enameled wire. there are also aluminum enameled wires developed for the purpose of lowering costs and reducing weight, as well as zero-pinhole fully insulated zero-defect enameled wire (fiw), most suitable for processing than triple insulated layers wire and applicable to all types of high-performance energy-efficient products.
       ta ya’s magnet wire business group deputy general manager, rongkuen qiu, is positive about the exhibition results. marketing manager, lee kuo-jun, and r&d manager, chen jun-hong, led the team and briefed the visitors on the merits and applications of ta ya’s magnet wires. also, if visitors have any demands for wires and cables, electric wires and wire bonding assembly, they will also be referred to sales representatives of other business groups.
       ta ya has had long-standing investments in taiwan for over 60 years. besides taiwan, it also has production bases in china and vietnam. over the years, it has been actively engaged in r&d for new magnet wire products, for which many patents have been obtained. ta ya has been selling to 20 plus countries in america and asia by its “dragon” brand, satisfying demands of major domestic and overseas electrical engineering and electronic companies. proimages/news/coverage/2017/2017042401.jpg