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    the third corporate governance evaluation revealed its result on the 14th that ta ya for 3 consecutive years ranks amongst the top 20% stock-listed companies in its corporate governance evaluation report. other wires and cables companies generally did not perform well, of which 6 were ranked behind the top 51% in their evaluation report. ta ya’s chairman, shen shang-hung, states, “ta ya in all its 60 years has adhered to honest management principles; sound corporate governance and the implementation of corporate social responsibilities have made us the safest choice for customers.”
    the taiwan stock exchange (twse) says that based on the company’s governance blueprint and planning, the evaluation results of all the evaluated companies will be disclosed starting from the 3rd year running. all evaluated companies will be ranked by the 7 brackets as follows: top 5%, top 6% to 20%, top 21% to 35%, top 36% to 50%, top 51% to 65%, top 66% to 80%, top 81% and after. in this year’s evaluation, there is a total of 1,496 companies being evaluated, including 843 stock-listed companies and 653 otc market-listed companies.
since its first corporate governance evaluation, ta ya has remained within the top 20% of stock-listed companies for 3 years in a row. of the 9 other wires and cables companies, tai-i electric wire and cable was dismissed by the twse from trading and thus excluded from the evaluation list for not submitting the financial statement from last year, while 6 companies rank behind the top 51%. in a climate where the taiwanese wires and cables sector generally does not value corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities, ta ya has stood out distinctly with their performance.
    in december 2011, the ta ya board of directors passed a consensus to set up the remuneration committee and in june 2012 added 3 independent board directors, as the first company in the taiwanese wires and cables sector to do so. in august 2012, ta ya voluntarily released its corporate social responsibility report, also an act that is unprecedented in the sector. additionally, ta ya’s corporate bylaws clearly stipulate that the election of board directors and supervisors adopts the “candidate nomination system,” and the shareholders can vote electronically, as all contribute to ta ya’s positive performance in the evaluation.
    ta ya products are not only excellent but are also attuned to the current green trend. the company runs on a solid constitution with stable management and is your top choice for wires and cables and enamel magnet wires in taiwan.

evaluation results no. of stock-listed companies wires and cables companies no. of companies
top5% 43 0 0
6% to 20% 126 ta ya, walsin 2
21% to 35% 126 hong-tai 1
36% to 50% 127 0 0
51% to 65% 126 hold-key 1
66% to 80% 126 dahsan, hua eng 2
81% to 100% 169 china electric, china wire & cable, evertop 3
total 843 9

source:securities & futures institute