visit : 836

       led by speaker lai mei-hui, the tainan city council delegation visited ta ya’s facilities in hải dương province on the morning of the 28th. these distinguished guests were received by vp hsu chin-yao. in addition to a presentation by the company’s representative, the delegates were also taken to the factory to learn about wire and cable manufacturing process. ta ya’s management philosophies and accomplishments left a lasting impression on the delegates. both parties shared the same wish for enterprises, local government and the city council could work together to promote the new southern policy and find an alternate path for industrial developments in taiwan.

       in light of the new southern policy, in light of the government’s new southern policy, tainan city council speaker lai mei-hui led a delegation comprising councilors including hou tseng-tsai, chen wen-hsien, tsai yu-chih, tsai su chiu-chin, lu mei-chyi, kumu.hacyo, lin chih-chan, lu wei-yin on a visit to vietnam after the sessions have concluded to meet with local taiwanese businessmen and representatives. on the morning of the 28th, the delegates arrived at ta ya’s facilities in hải dương province. these distinguished from tainan were received warmly by vp hsu and other taiwanese managerial staffs who come from the same hometown.

       vp hsu first made a brief presentation to the speaker and other councilors regarding ta ya group’s scope of business operations in addition to the group’s management philosophies, mission and vision. the delegates also received an in-depth report on ta ya vietnam business group’s history of development and its current status. during this meeting, both parties also discussed topics such as vietnam as an investment environment and the new southern policy that the new administration has been actively promoting.

       speaker lai spoke very highly of ta ya’s policy of keeping its roots in taiwan and cultivating the market in vietnam and the contribution the group has made to economic development in both countries. hopefully in the foreseeable future, the council will refer to ta ya’s invaluable experience in relevant developments in vietnam and pool the resources of the council of taiwanese chambers of commerce in vietnam in order to facilitate more exchanges in economy, culture and the cities between taiwan and vietnam.