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product name : enameled wire

product classificatin
  • polyimide enameled wire (piw)
  • inverter-fed driven motors wire (ifdw)
  • voice coil self-bonding wire (r*-vw)
  • flat enameled wire
  • polyurethane enameled wire
  • self-bonding enameled wire (r*-sb)
  • polyvinyl formal enameled wire (pvf)
  • polyester enameled wire (pew)
  • polyamide enameled wire (uew)
  • polyamide over polyurethane enameled wire (uew+ny)
  • polyurethane overcoated polyester enameled wire (pew+ny)
  • solderable polyester-imide enameled wire (seiw)
  • polyester-imide enameled wire (eiw)
  • amide-imide over polyester-imide enameled wire (eaiw)
  • amide-imide enameled wire (aiw)
  • litz wire (litz)
  • amide-imide over polyester enameled wire (feai)
  • freon resistant enameled wire (eais)
  • (ustc-*r)
  • fully insulated zero-defect enameled wire (fiw)
  • magnet-conducting enameled wire (m-*r)
  • thermal-dissipation enameled wire (td-*r)
  • low-k dielectric enameled wire (ldw)
  • high tension enameled wire (htw)
product introduction

ta ya possesses the largest magnet wire production capacity in taiwan. not only has it adopted europe's most advanced zero-pollution inline automated production equipment, it is also the first magnet wire producer in taiwan to attain iso/ts 16949 certification. ta ya's proprietary "dragon" brand magnet wires are sold all over the world. it is the leading brand of magnet wires used by electronic, electromechanical, and automobile industries in taiwan. to maintain competitive advantage of our products, we use several high precision instruments to monitor quality throughout the production line. our products have been favored by consumers and business users alike for their "top quality, light weight, heat resistance, nano process, and zero toxicity."

product categories
product file
copper clad aluminum enamelled wire
flat enamelled copper wire
litz wire
silk covered enamelled copper wire
self-bonding enamelled copper wire for voice coils
self-bonding enamelled copper wire
polyvinyl formal enamelled copper wire
polyurethane enamelled copper wire
polyamide(nylon) overcoated polyurethane enamelled copper wire
polyester enamelled copper wire
polyamide(nylon) overcoated polyester enamelled wire
amide-imide overcoated polyester enamelled copper wire
polyester-imide enamelled copper wire
solderable polyester-imide enamelled copper wire
fully insulated zero-defect enameled wire
amide-imide overcoated polyester-imide enamelled copper wire
freon-reststance enamelled copper wire
enamelled copper wire for inverter-fad driven motors (special for ev)
polyamide-imide enamelled copper wire
polyimide enamelled copper wire
magnet-conducting enamelled wire
thermal-dissipation enamelled wire(special for ev)
low-k dielectric enamelled wire(special for ev)
high tension enameled wire (htw)