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       ta ya group showcased its full flavor punch series during the 2015 new year market fair. the product received very good responses from consumers regarding the quality and taste. the exhibition ran for just 5 days (2/4~2/8), but the product sold 3 times as many compared to normal days. united electric industry, a member of ta ya group, first introduced its braised beef flavoring pack under the brand name "flavor punch" back in june 2013. since then, the company has followed up with a variety of flavors including chicken stew, sesame oil mushroom, and buddha's temptation. these flavoring packs are made from natural ingredients without additives and have been specially designed for safety and convenience. the production process involves high heat and high pressure sterilization, and the use of aluminum bag packaging to isolate contact with sunlight and oxygen. as a result, products can be stored at room temperature without preservatives and are ready to serve once heated.

       consumers were very impressed with the taste and quality of "flavor punch" during sampling, and showed their satisfaction in actual purchases. with increased brand awareness, "flavor punch" should deliver improved results in the coming year.


consumers were satisfied during sampling and responded with real purchases.

buddha's temptation - developed for vegetable lovers.