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       in january this year (2016), the ministry of culture (moc) launched its phase 2 culture and creativity investment program and appointed ta ya venture as its partner for assisting with the growth of cultural and creative businesses.

       a total of 10 professional business administration companies including ta ya venture were chosen for the phase 2 culture and creativity investment program. according to moc's announcement: "nt$2 billions in capital have been allocated from the national development fund to aid in the development of the cultural and creative industry. this was a replication of the venture investment model that resulted in the success of the high-tech industry, one that involved the contribution of capital and management expertise from venture capital companies. the 2nd phase of the investment program also focuses on the development of accessory businesses, such as brokerage, marketing, or industry chain integrators, that may help grow the cultural and creative industry. for high-profile cultural/creative businesses, the national development fund may invest up to $3 for every $1 contributed by venture capital company."

        ta ya venture has been paying attention to green technologies, culture, environmental protection, and healthcare issues since it was first founded in 1998. lee wen-bing, president of ta ya venture, said: "as a venture capitalist, ta ya venture has several advantages including the ability to share resources throughout the group, integrate across different industries, possession of management experience in cultural/creative investments, ability to own equity interest beyond the 20% cap, and absence of the requirement to withdraw capital by any deadline." ta ya venture has so far identified 10 potential businesses, and expects to begin investment from mid-2016. apart from capital contributions, ta ya venture will also be helping cultural/creative businesses develop suitable business models and create higher market values.