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       "green life" is a show run by da ai tv that focuses on exploring green ideas. the program aired on january 5 featured the theme "the origin of green wires" where ta ya chairman shen shang-hung and winner of green inside project hong huixiang were invited to discuss how businesses can extend their daily activities to care for the environment.

      chairman shen began the interview by saying: "businesses should always try to operate and produce in ways that are friendly to the environment, starting from the small things." anything from collecting rainwater to developing environmental-friendly and lead-free cables are what ta ya believes to be reasonable actions. ta ya's corporate mission towards "enlightened employees, satisfied customers, positive shareholders, and pristine homeland" carries such a rich implication that gave the show host and the audience a new understanding towards the cable industry. one of the audiences asked: "what will be company become if all cable connections are turned wireless in the future?" chairman shen responded with optimism that: as long as we adhere to our ideal of being friendly to the environment, we will eventually find new products and new businesses to go on.

      the second part of the show invited hong huixiang, winner of 2012 green inside project southern spirits award, to travel northbound from pintung to engage chairman shen in discussions. chairman shen considered the green inside project to be a platform for conveying positive voices and influences, rather than an award. mr. hong huixiang then shared his experience in environmental movements and circular agriculture, and expressed gratitude to the help provided by chairman shen to keep his farm "productive yet sustainable".

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