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       2014 ctex expo was held at suzhou international expo centre between 14th and 16th of may.

       cuprime and cugreen, both members of ta ya group, have been regular participants of this event for three consecutive years since 2012. their high-quality phosphorus copper balls, copper oxides, and copper carbonates are the most sought-after products among pcb manufacturers.

       ctex expo, now in its tenth year, has become a prominent event for technology companies located in eastern china. this year, a total of 362 companies from pcb supply chain, electronic assembly, and industrial automation had participated in the event. cuprime and cugreen sell products such as phosphorus copper ball, copper oxide, copper carbonates, etc. that are vital to the electroplating process of the pcb industry. they have attracted the attention of potential producers and buyers year after year. in addition, cuprime has acquired exclusive distributorship in taiwan and china for copper balls made by mitsubishi materials corporation, thereby enabling cuprime to guarantee top quality to its customers.

       both cuprime and cugreen will continue to explore potential customers and at the same time develop high purity copper products to help improve customers' electroplating technology.

       during the exhibition, ta ya group continued using green inside as its usual theme to symbolize its environmental commitment from inside out.