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"smart city" is an exhibition launched by the industrial development bureau (idb), ministry of economic affairs, that incorporates the latest virtual reality technology. the exhibition is set up at taf innovation base and will be open to the public from january 15 onwards. ta ya venture welcomes construction companies and consumers to experience for themselves istaging's latest augmented reality (ar) and virtual reality (vr) technologies here at the exhibition.

in the afternoon of the 7th, ta ya venture chairman shen shang-hung joined istaging president li zhongbin, idb officers and officers of industry development augmentation division (institute for information technology) for the announcement of this event. istaging is one of ta ya's strategic investments in the ar/vr sector made with the support of national development fund. istaging's solutions are currently adopted by renowned construction companies in china and taiwan, such as farglory, kuo yang construction, and jsl group. in addition, istaging works with major property agencies such as sinyi (taiwan) and coldwell banker (china) to operate a multinational sales platform of real estate properties, furniture, and renovation services.

chairman shen, who is quite fond of new technologies, was pleasantly surprised by the vr effects after trying out the goggle. he said: "virtual reality not only frees people from the limitation of time and space, it is also an environmental-friendly technology, because it saves people from having to build short-lived models and miniatures."

to most people, the concept of ar/vr is nothing more than a new technology for gaming and video entertainment. istaging, however, took a different approach and applied this new technology on real estate sales and interior design, giving users the complete view of their property. according to istaging president li zhongbin: "once people experience vr, they will realize how the small phone screens or computer screens are limiting their imagination. as soon as consumers put on the display goggle, they are given a 360-degree view of a virtual property unit that is exactly the same as the real thing. from the street views and common areas to the building exterior, floor plan, interior design, etc., users can see up close what their future home looks like."

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