visit : 462


       ta ya volunteers have been providing power safety consultation services for guanmiao residents since 2013. training courses are being organized continuously to meet the increasing number of volunteers. on september 20, the volunteers visited guiren district for the very first time to convey the importance of power usage to qijia village residents. their presence was welcomed by nearly 120 local residents.

      one of the volunteers, zhang zhijie, was already a member of qijia village neighborhood watch program, and had been active in community services. zhang was the one who arranged this power safety promotion event. even when typhoon fung-wong was about to arrive on land, village residents still showed up with their family members and filled up the community center before 7pm.

      village chief guo zhenfeng and community development association chairman chen qingsong also participated in this event. village chief guo said: "we have organized all kinds of events in the past to care for community residents. this is the first time we have a service for power safety, for which i am curious and excited."


      in the past, power safety knowledge used to be communicated door-to-door, which allowed us too little time to make in-depth introductions. with the support of the village chief and chairman, village residents were gathered at the community center to listen to lead volunteer huang junda as he progressed through the day's topics. fun quizzes were used to test people's knowledge about circuitry, grounding, leakage detection, etc., and some of the responses were utterly hilarious. this reflected the fact that most people possess inadequate or incorrect knowledge regarding use of power. the audience engaged actively in the quiz; those who answered correctly were rewarded with one of ta ya's specially made power extension cables, whereas those who answered incorrectly were rewarded with the correct knowledge.

      the one-hour introduction ended quickly without the participants realizing. in the end, ta ya volunteers gave each visitor a bar of hand-made soap that made their visits worthwhile.