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       taya pristine homeland foundation has made a long-term commitment to environmental education. in addition to hosting green inside projects and delonix regia forums on a yearly basis, the foundation made a special arrangement with tigiloubeen troupe this year to organize a play titled "prince wants sleep evo" aimed at junior high school and elementary school students. the play incorporates environmental protection concepts and is intended to convey the idea of green living to children from childhood.

       tigiloubeen troupe is a performance group based in tainan. it consists of young drama performers and is the youngest performance group in tainan. most of its performances are original creations, and have won several tainan literature awards in the screenplay category. in an attempt to support the creativity and dreams of local young people, taya pristine homeland foundation has collaborated with tigiloubeen troupe to organize a children's musical play tour performance titled "prince wants sleep evo."

       in the play, children were invited on stage to help the prince and princess sort waste into different categories. children's knowledge about garbage sorting and recycling was further enhanced by the interesting narratives of the show host.

       the play was performed at te kao elementary school, cigu elementary school, datong elementary school, siangong elementary school, and jhongsiao junior high school throughout this year. not only did not the play receive positive responses from teachers and students, it was complimented by the tainan city environmental protection bureau as well. if interested, please make reservations for next year's performance.


       datong elementary school principal wearing a safety helmet made by tainan city environmental protection bureau and demonstrating environmental protection actions on stage with children.


       children of te kao elementary school responding to environmental quiz.