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picture description: mr. wu - head of ta ya's business group (2nd from right) received the award from vice minister shen of ministry of economic affairs.


       eco products international fair (epif), organized by asian productivity organization (apo), is the longest running and the largest exhibition of the green industry within the region. since this was the first time that epif was held in taiwan, the green trade project office had organized a special "epif 2014 international green classics award." ta ya's green wire was able to win the international green classics award amidst the competition.

       vice minister shen jong-chin of the ministry of economic affairs said in his speech that: this exhibition is the first attempt at incorporating all b2b (commercial exchange), b2c (consumer education), and b2g (business to government) models. the purpose for doing so is to give local businesses all the opportunities they need to exchange with apo members. this exhibition also adopts an iso 20121-compliant event sustainability management system that signifies the government's resolve towards sustainability. meanwhile, the government continues to develop green trade solutions such as green energy pricing, green product export, etc. to help local businesses capitalize on the world's green opportunities.

       the "international green classics award" was further divided into: "green product award," "green service award," "green innovation award," and "igc honorary award." a total of seven companies won the "green product award." ta ya's green wire remains to date as the only cable that is free of halogen and heavy metal, and contains minimal amount of plasticizers such as phthalates in the outer coating. it is also the only one among similar products to receive type i eco label.

       the award was received by wu mingjie, head of ta ya's energy & telecom cable business group, from vice minister shen of ministry of economic affairs during the award ceremony held on the 13th. ta ya electric wire and cable had participated in this exhibition with several green product manufacturers from southern taiwan. mr. wu visited each of them, introduced products to each other, and sought opportunities for future business collaboration.