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       the 3rd ta ya      royal poinciana forum invited chura-boshi company founder taku yamada (4th from the right) from japan to share his vision on the satoyama experience and take part in a seminar with experts from taiwan. ta ya chairman shen shang-hung and president shen san yi are the 4th from the left and 3rd from the right in the picture. photograph and article by chris yeh. the 3rd ta ya royal poinciana forum was held on last saturday (13th) at chung-hwa hall at the magical school of green technologies. chura-boshi company founder taku yamada from japan was invited to share his satoyama experience and take part in a discussion with experts in taiwan. the forum has received overwhelming response.
       in its 3rd iteration this year, the royal poinciana forum organized by taya pristine homeland foundation is an event that advocates the concept of being environmentally friendly in all aspects of one’s life, including food, clothing, lodging, transportation, education and recreation, with experts invited to the forum to share relevant practices. the subject matter for this year’s forum was “education”, with “learning and appreciating the beauty of environment” as the central motif to encourage non-academic institutions related to environmental education to develop sustainable model of operation in the hopes of creating more opportunities for the general public to understand and appreciate the beauty of nature and culture.
       this year’s forum featured an address by chura-boshi company founder taku yamada on the topic of his satoyama experience in japan, covering his personal account of calling on volunteers to restore and maintain old residences while offering opportunities for long stay and promoting ecological tours in hida-furukawa (in gifu prefecture) under the premise of protecting the environment and boosting local economies. yamada’s involvements received positive responses from the local community.
       incidentally, “satoyama” is not the name of any specific geographical location, but rather a term that is used to refer to the space where people interact with the nature. and as such, satoyama experience emphasizes the symbiosis between mankind and nature, and it is aligned perfectly with taya pristine homeland foundation’s philosophy of promoting environmental protection and building a pristine homeland. while the royal poinciana forum was held last week, ta ya also organized the 5th green muster competition review committee meeting in the hopes of facilitating more low-carbon creativities and solutions to be adopted and implemented at relevant communities.