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      ta ya electric wire & cable believes that charitable activity isn’t restricted to the donation of money or resources. it is arguably rarer and more valuable for a corporation to care about public issues and propose relevant initiatives to be incorporated as a part of its overall csr policy.
t      he green muster competition is an award for eco-friendly contributions fully funded by ta ya group, who has pledged to host the award perpetually. the mission of the green muster competition is to bring together notable figures in environmental protection, outstanding projects and creative designs on a yearly basis for mutual sharing and in turn generate more driving force for the initiative.
      “learning and appreciating the beauty of environment” was the theme for 2014, with the first prize awarded to the southern spirit (one winner, with a cash prize of nt$ 300,000 in sponsorship). other awards include pristine homeland award and the magic school of green technologies award. applications for participation in the event is always more than welcomed.
      operating on a similar vein, the royal poinciana forum organized by taya pristine homeland foundation is an event that advocates the concept of being environmentally friendly in all aspects of one’s life, including food, clothing, lodging, transportation, education and recreation.
      at the same time, volunteers from ta ya electric & cable have also been actively involved in relevant activities. starting from 2017, ta ya’s volunteers have taken part in the monthly mountain-to-sea canal greenway and embankment cleanup organized by the taijiang campus of tainan community university as a way to have more interaction with the community residents while learning and taking part in river management. haiwei road in an-nan district is scheduled to be open to traffic in early july. ta ya’s volunteers have taken part in the tree planting activity and all looked forward to the chinaberry trees growing quickly. whilst in rende district, ta ya’s volunteers also participated in the dajia wetland maintenance operation planned by wetlands taiwan organization by helping to remove alien plant species and repairing the pedestrian walkway in preparation of the base site for environmental education in the future.