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      ta ya electric wire & cable believes that charitable activity is not restricted to the donation of money or resources. it is arguably rarer and more valuable for a corporation to care about public issues and propose relevant initiatives to be incorporated as a part of its overall csr policy. power cables manufactured by ta ya function as the “nerves” that run through buildings. from a single building, the reaches of ta ya have gradually expanded to public infrastructures and even major city landmarks.
      “as we take from the society, so we must give back in return” is a fundamental philosophy that ta ya goes by. the company has actively taken part in various charities and activities that benefit the society and environment: in terms of production and manufacturing, ta ya emphasizes eco-friendly production and the delivery of high quality products while ensuring compliance with pertinent domestic and international environmental protection regulations. not only that, the company has also conducted environment monitoring so as to achieve its goals of continual improvement and pollution prevention.
      for product development, ta ya is committed to the research and development of green products. the company has introduced the latest zero-pollution, in-line production technologies for the manufacturing of magnet wires and became the first electric wire and cable manufacturer in taiwan to be accredited to iso/ts 16949 standards. in addition, ta ya has also developed special lszh cables that are not only environmentally friendly but also extremely safe.
      by taking action and being actively involved in various charities and contributions, ta ya shall strive to give back to the society and making it better for all, thereby contributing to the improvement of life for mankind.