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    【tainan】 in today’s demand for power, electric wire and cable function as the basic industry and upstream sector for all other industries. in the past few decades, ta ya electric wire & cable has actively developed different types of wires and cables to accommodate the needs of different clienteles. driven by the philosophies of professional management, ta ya’s products are distributed around the world and well-received by customers across the globe.
    it has always been the company’s wish to achieve the goal of “making ta ya products as ubiquitous as the reaches of the sun” one day. electric cable - one of ta ya electric wire & cable’s signature products, can be perceived as the many nerves that run through a building like the body of a human being. starting out from a single architecture, the reaches of ta ya electric wire & cable’s care has gradually extended to public infrastructures and even major city landmarks, as it is the company’s desire to call on the general public to focus on the relationships between mankind, cities and rivers.
    for product development, ta ya is committed to the research and development of green products. the company has introduced the latest zero-pollution, in-line production technologies for the manufacturing of magnet wires and became the first electric wire and cable manufacturer in taiwan to be accredited to iso/ts 16949 standards. in addition, ta ya has also developed special lszh cables that are not only environmentally friendly but also extremely safe.
    taya pristine homeland foundation chairman shen shang-hung also emphasized that after many years of hard work and effort and through the company’s core r&d capabilities, ta ya has successfully developed halogen and heavy metal free “green electric cable”. not only that, the company has also collaborated with professor lin chien-te from ncku and donated eco-friendly electric cables to be used by “the magic school of green technologies”, thereby elevating the level of green construction material in taiwan from “green skeleton” to “green nerves”. the donations have been made by ta ya electric wire & cable out of its wishes to contribute more to the society and the cause of environmental protection. (hsieh sheng-po)