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electricity usage is about to peak over the scorching summer days, making stable power supply more important. electric cables, normally buried deep underground, are vulnerable to short circuiting due to insect bites, resulting in power outages. the termiteretardant 69kv xlpe electric cable developed by taya has become an industryleading product by securing the first 69kv termiteretardant electric cable procurement contract from taipower, making a contribution towards high quality electricity transmission.

termites not only cause damage to furniture and interior decorations, they are hazardous to electric cables. the soldier ants, a type of termites, have powerful jaws that can break the plastic sheathing of normal electric cables while the acidic saliva generated by worker ants can also damage metallic conductors.  termite colonies are large but hard to detect and once damages are detected it is often irreversible resulting in exploding wires and power outages. in the past, many industrial areas have suffered power outages due to termite infestation, causing damages against companies.

taya worked with taipower to develop the 69kv termiteretardant electric cable. in april 2010, taya took leadership in the industry by becoming the first qualified supplier of taipower’s qualification tests. in april 2013, taya also secured the first 69kv termiteretardant electric cable procurement contract from taipower, demonstrating taya’s commitment to innovation and always being at the forefront of electric power technologies.

taya’s successful development of 69kv termiteretardant electric cables can stabilize power supplies and provide better options for taiwan. taya will continue bidding on taipower’s procurement contracts and provide the best electricity transmission facilities and engineering services for taiwanese people.