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on february 2, 2013, ta ya dong nai site won the 2012 "gold quality award" presented by dong nai province chamber of technology. once again, ta ya has proven itself to be a trusted company among the local industry and government authorities.

the 2012 quality award organized by dong nai province chamber of technology underwent two rounds of assessment to conclude 14 winners; 9 of which received the gold award while 5 of which received the silver award. dong nai site had won vietnam's "2011 top ten applied technology award" in october 2011. this second consecutive winning of the "gold award" is a testament to the company's superior quality.the award ceremony took place on february 2, 2013 at dong nai square, during which the dong nai province official had presented the award personally to the company. the award ceremony was broadcast by dong nai tv station, which further promoted ta ya's image as a high quality brand.