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[tainan] in recent years, ta ya electric wire and cable has been mobilizing all business groups to develop new products that are either energy-saving or friendly to the environment. according to chairman shen shanghong of green inside foundation, it has been the group's intent to lead by example and inspire others to care for the environment, and make the company a green, environmental-friendly, and sustainable business.

the magnet wire business group, for instance, has successfully developed anti-surge magnet wires for use with inverter motors, and is now researching energy-saving magnet wires that can overcome high frequency resistance in coils. ta ya's inverter motor anti-surge magnet wires comply with nema1000 and mw35c standards, and are currently used by local and foreign customers for the production of high/low voltage (200v and 400v) inductor motors. once ie1 is superseded by ie3 requirements in 2015, ta ya's anti-surge magnet wires will become the first choice to customers local and abroad. technology-wise: ta ya's triple insulation wires no longer require additional insulation when used in high-frequency power transformers, thereby enabling customers to reduce size, weight, and save material costs on their products. in addition, the company's new litz type wire replaces conventional copper conductors with enameled copper wires in a litz arrangement. it has the potential to prevent sudden rise in resistance when working under high frequency.

the company's research efforts are being directed towards heat-dissipation enameled wires for electric motors, and reducing wear of enameled copper wires to achieve higher energy efficiency, and contribute to the environmental friendliness of electronic and electromechanical industries.