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on october 18 (friday), green inside foundation hosted its 2013 delonix regia forum. to conform with this year's theme on "low-carbon transportation," the foundation not only invited tainan city mayor lai ching-te to deliver the opening speech, but also invited mr. azizi tucker and former chunghwa telecom chairman he-chen tan as guest speakers.

green inside chairman shen shen shang-hung said that the foundation has been organizing this main event in tainan for each of the two years since its establishment mainly because it intends to direct the nation's environmental protection efforts and support to southern taiwan.

mr. azizi tucker, former designer for tesla, was invited to deliver a speech about igniting the growth of electric vehicles in southern taiwan and the rest of the world, and making tainan a true low-carbon city from daily living to industrial development.

in the afternoon, the 4th green inside project evaluation was held at the same venue, where more than 20 teams from schools and communities gathered to compete for nt$30,000 ~ nt$300,000 of sponsorship.