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tainan city mayor lai ching-te said during his attendance at the "2nd delonix regia forum" organized by green inside foundation on the 18th, that in order to build tainan as a low carbon city, the city government is planning to build a "shanhaizhen trail" that extends 45 kilometers from wusanto reservoir to the coast. the trail is expected to complete by the end of the next year (2014) and will pass through several points of interest including: old annan settlement, historical museum, science park … etc., taking cyclists on a tour of culture, history and technology. this cycling trail will be linked to the city's cycling network in the future, and make tainan a city of culture, history, and nature. "delonix regia forum," now in its second year, is an event organized by ta ya group's green inside foundation. this year's delonix regia forum featured the theme "low-carbon transportation." tainan city mayor lai ching-te and director jennifer chang of tainan city environmental protection bureau were present at the forum, while mr. azizi tucker, former director of asia supplier development of tesla motors, was invited to deliver a speech on "how to commercialize viable green ideas? " and discuss how to ignite the growth of electric vehicles in southern taiwan and the rest of the world, and making tainan a true low-carbon city from daily living to industrial development.

ta ya electric wire and cable (1609) chairman shen shanghong said during the forum that green inside was founded with a mission to sponsor environment-friendly activities, education and talents. the foundation cares not only for environmental protection, energy conservation, and carbon reduction issues, but hopes to contribute towards building a "pristine homeland" as its ultimate goal.

for this reason, last week's 2nd annual "delonix regia forum" was immediately followed by the 4th green inside project evaluation, where participants were invited to propose creative ideas and solutions about reducing carbon and applying them to the community to build a happy, low-carbon city. the event saw 20 teams from schools and communities competing for nt$30,000 ~ nt$300,000 of sponsorship from the foundation.

green inside was the first foundation in tainan city to be registered with the environmental protection administration. it represents ta ya's passionate care for the local environment that has contributed to its success today. ta ya's care for the environment is also being implemented on the products it produces. the company has so far developed a series of halogen-free and heavy metal-free "green wires" that can be used to support the construction of green buildings.