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taiwan is a world-renowned electronics manufacturer; it plays an important role in the development of world's technology. however, the nation has long relied upon imports when it comes to ic bonding wires due to the absence of reliable local suppliers. in light of this shortcoming, ta ya electric wire and cable has set up an ic bonding wire department to provide local and foreign ic packaging companies with consistent, customized, and promptly delivered products and services. ta ya's solutions have been adopted by many internationally renowned manufacturers from taiwan, china, the philippines, and thailand, and the company will continually develop new bonding wires to satisfy the needs of the ic packaging industry.

ta ya's latest product - "gold-palladium-plated copper wire" - has passed the testing stage and is confirmed to deliver exceptional workability. the product will be showcased between the 4th and 6th of september at booth #1120, taipei nangang exhibition center. given the extreme volatility of gold price in recent years, many ic and led packaging companies have turned to copper instead for higher gross profit margin, and incorporated pure copper and palladium-coated copper wires into the packaging process. based on data gathered in 2012, companies that shifted towards the use of copper bonding wires have accounted for more than 1/3 of total wire demand, which indicates that copper bonding wires are indeed a reliable material. ta ya is currently the nation's largest supplier of copper bonding wires. it offers several variety including pure copper bonding wires, palladium-coated copper wires, and the latest gold-palladium-coated copper wires.

however, every company uses different equipment and adopts different production procedures for the specific products they package. in order to increase the workability of copper bonding wires, the company successfully developed gold-palladium-plated copper wire earlier this year that that delivered superior performance in every aspect compared to conventional copper wires. they have been tested by customers to confirm that gold-palladium-coated copper wires do indeed perform significantly better than products offered by foreign suppliers. this new development will inevitably challenge the dominance of japanese, german and korean suppliers.

ic packaging companies previously used gold wires, pure copper bonding wires, or palladium-plated copper wires for bonding. ta ya's new gold-palladium-coated copper wire maintains the same level of conductivity and heat dissipation as does copper wire, but is coated in gold to prevent oxidation and for ease of storage. it also helps extend capillary lifespan and offers workability similar to gold wires.

the company has set its goal as early as 2006 to become a taiwan-based, world-renowned supplier of copper bonding wires, and to establish itself as the best business partner to taiwan's ic packaging industry. backed by more than half a century of copper refinery experience and significant amount of resources committed throughout the years, ta ya assures quality in every step along the production, from the purchasing of copper plate to melting, refinery, wire extraction, washing, and cooling.