60 is more than just a number:
       october 2015 marked the 60th anniversary of ta ya. on the anniversary day, we arranged to have 60 ta ya couples walk down a red carpet to embrace blessings from long-time customers, friends and the neighborhood. it was an especially touching and proud day for me.
       in the last 60 years, we started as an ordinary wire manufacturer and gradually expanded our expertise towards magnet wires, highvoltage power cables, solar power plants, and even venture capital; location-wise, we have expanded our presence into hong kong, china and vietnam. as a cable manufacturer, we have claimed many “no. 1” titles in the local industry, including the first to be certified by taiwan power company for the supply of 69kv, 161kv and 345kv high-voltage cables, the first to voluntarily adopt lead-free production for all cable products, the first to obtain carbon footprint label, the first to publish a csr report, the first foreign company to list for trading in vietnam, and the first cable manufacturer to establish a foundation that is dedicated to building pristine homeland. during the corporate governance evaluation organized by financial supervisory commission in 2015, ta ya was ranked among the top 20% of all twse-listed companies.
       i remember having been told by our seniors that “corporations exist for society,” which is part of the reason that we have dedicated ourselves to fulfilling our mission of “enlightened employees, satisfied customers, positive shareholders, and pristine homeland.” a few years ago, a trend towards corporate social responsibility started taking shape, which eventually prompted us to think one step ahead about environmental and climate issues, and redefine the industry we are in and the corporate role we play. we realized that ta ya, being a member of the energy business, is about to be liberated from a highly regulated industry; and while we have long played our role as a connector of energy, we have the potential to become the supplier, keeper, administrator and service provider of energy.

energy is more than just connecting two ends;
       this level of thinking brought feasible and progressive change to ta ya’s business. we first began by focusing on our core business, and developed a new product called green wire that won ourselves the “green classics award.” with respect to product line, ta ya continues to develop specialized cables for solar power, offshore wind power and tidal power applications, and has readied itself to assist in the construction of renewable energy facilities in the future. furthermore, we have invested into the upstream of the energy industry, installing solar power equipment at rented factories, institutions and campus rooftops. we expect to achieve 50mw of total capacity in the next 5 years.

green means more than just opportunities;
       in addition to protecting the environment, ta ya pays great attention to maintaining a green lifestyle that is friendly to the environment. we have made social investments and organized corporate volunteers to introduce the green initiative into food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, entertainment and virtually all aspects of our daily lives. we have envisioned a future where mankind can coexist in harmony with the environment.
       we have escalated the management and disclosure of our csr efforts through the assembly of group csr committee. we have set our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 1% per year, begun supplier csr assessment at affiliated enterprises, adopted electronic industry code of conduct (eicc), and expanded the boundaries of our csr report to cover overseas factories starting from this year.
       these attempts and efforts are similar to the new corporate identity we have made for the 60th anniversary. based on existing impression of the dragon brand, we drew the logo taya in a single stroke in the color of copper, while turning and twisting along the stroke to resemble the impression of a rising dragon. the conventional red color inherits ta ya’s transcendent spirit, and a metallic, copper-ish color was added to stress ta ya’s specialty in cable manufacturing, while at the same time present a more modern and professional corporate spirit.
       ta ya has redefined its corporate vision to become “a leading brand for new energy, a creator of harmonious environment and pristine homeland, and a business trusted by employees, customers, shareholders and society.” the change was made not only to capitalize on opportunities of climate change, but also to symbolize how the company has evolved to date. we hope to write ta ya’s future as an unfolding story of creative thinking, team work, and a better home, for which we welcome stakeholders’ and the public’s continual support and guidance towards our goal.